Call for Papers “Meijo Asian Research Journal” by Meijo Asian Research Center (here in after referred to as “MARC”)
MARC issues “Meijo Asian Research Journal” whose topics are focused on researches something related to Asia.
Now, we are calling for articles of Papers submitted for publication, Invited papers, Short papers, Reviews and Other articles.
As a condition of contribution, you should be either a member or a research fellow of MARC or someone who received commendation form a member of MARC.

ContributionDocuments of “Submission Form”, “The Contribution Rules” and “The Instructions to Authors” etc. for "Meijo Asian Research Journal" can be downloaded from the following download column.

(a) Submission deadline: September 3rd (Tue) 2019
(b) Documents needed to be submitted:
  1. Submission Form
  2. One hard copy of the manuscript (for a sample layout)
   For papers submitted for publication, you also need to submit
   two printed copies of the manuscript for the peer review.
  3. The entire manuscript in Microsoft Word format
(c) Submit to: Meijo Asian Research Center(Office of International Affairs)

** Please note that figures, photos, etc. inserted in the text will be in black and white.


Contact info for inquiries Texts for Downloading
Meijo Asian Research Center(Office of International Affairs)
The Contribution Rules
The Instructions to Authors
Submission Form
Submission Form(For people who are commended by a MARC member)m
A Sample Layout