From Chubu to the World

Director of Meijo International Education and Research Center,
Fumihiko TsumuraSince Meijo Asian Research Center (MARC) was established in April 2006, we have been aiming to contribute to the mutual understanding between Japan and Asia and to their sustainable development until today by utilizing the intellectual base and extensive international network of Meijo University?the largest university in the Chubu region.


During this period, new technologies, such as AI and IoT, have rapidly developed. This has further pushed forward global integration. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of global issues that need to be addressed and solved, such as global warming and the novel coronavirus.


To address these environmental changes and solve these global problems, Meijo University has constructively reorganized MARC and has newly established Meijo International Education and Research Center.


Meijo International Education and Research Center will globally expand its target area to support our university’s international research activities and take on the role of introducing the appeal of Japan and Aichi, Chubu region to the world through education mainly for exchange students.


From Chubu to the World?By Meijo University’s 100th anniversary in 2026, Meijo International Education and Research Center will foster a workforce that can play an international role and contribute to the international society.