Call for Papers

gMeijo Asian Research Journalh by Meijo Asian Research Center (here in after referred to as gMARCh)
MARC issues gMeijo Asian Research Journalh whose topics are focused on researches something related to Asia.
Now, we are calling for articles of Papers submitted for publication, Invited papers, Short papers, Reviews and Other articles.
As a condition of contribution, you should be either a member or a research fellow of MARC or someone who received commendation form a member of MARC.


Documents of gSubmission Formh, gThe Contribution Rulesh and gThe Instructions to Authorsh etc. for "Meijo Asian Research Journal" can be downloaded from the following download column.

(a) Submission deadline: September 5th (Mon) 2016
(b) Documents needed to be submitted:
@@1. Submission Form
@@2. One hard copy of the manuscript (for a sample layout)
@@@For papers submitted for publication, you also need to submit
@@@two printed copies of the manuscript for the peer review.
@@3. The entire manuscript in Microsoft Word format
(c) Submit to: Meijo Asian Research CenteriOffice of International Affairsj

** Please note that figures, photos, etc. inserted in the text will be in black and white.

¡Contact info for inquiries ¡Texts for Downloading
Meijo Asian Research CenteriOffice of International Affairsj
The Contribution Rules
The Instructions to Authors
Submission Form
Submission Form(For people who are commended by a MARC member)
A Sample Layout

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