A Study of the historic premise of modernization in Taiwan and customs remaining in the present age

Project Leader:
Faculty of Law

Modernization of Taiwan was based on the historical premise of colonial rule by the Taiwan Governor's Office established in 1895. This could be imaginable as the Taiwan version of the modernization of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, including researches of old customs and Japanization. It continued until 1945 when Nationalist Chinese government took over all of the Japanese administration. During this time, the development of various infrastructure, institutions and law was carried, but surface of the process of modernization, we notice the importance of the practice that has been built in the Qing Dynasty period. More than a few customs, linked to values and Legal Thought and culture in East Asia, continue today as traditional institutions. It is intended, based on the raw and digitized data that has been recorded by Governor's Office, to analyze legal aspects and reality of such practice with the historical background.

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