Study on Effect of Green Innovation in East Asia by E3(Energy-Environment-Economy) Modeling Analysis

Project Leader:
Lee Soocheol
Faculty of Economics

This study examines policies aimed at the development of sustainable, low-carbon economies; the current status and remaining issues are discussed for Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and other East Asian countries and regions. We consider how the policies in the countries of this increasingly environmentally and economically interdependent region compare with those of the rest of the world. To this end, we employ advanced economic, environmental, and energy (E3) models, mainly Cambridge Econometrics E3 global econometric model (E3ME), and a set of applied general equilibrium models for quantifying the effects of the energy- and environment-related reforms pursued by each country. We evaluate the effect that each policy has on the legislating country and on other countries. In addition to quantitative effects, we consider in detail the qualitative effects of such policies to discern trends in areas such as sustainable energy utilization, elimination or reduction of greenhouse gases, and the promotion of green growth.

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