Economic Integration and Sustainable Growth: A study of ASEAN + 4 (China, Korea, Japan, and India) Countries.

Project Reader:
Takayuki SAWADA
Faculty of Business Management

In East Asia (Northeast Asia + ASEAN), with ASEAN as hub a region, ASEAN +1 FTA (Free Trade Agreement) and EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) such as ASEAN + Japan, ASEAN + China, and ASEAN + Korea, have been accelerating efforts to deepen economic integration in the region. As the result, the wider area network of ASEAN +3 ( China, Korea and Japan) is expanding to India and has been strengthening its economic ties in the area.
The objective of this research is to analyze economic integration and strategies in the regions. It includes perspectives of institutional and structural change, industrial policies, international division of production, and firm level strategies and technological capabilities of local and foreign companies. Research members include overseas researchers from Dongguk University, Korea, Thammasat University Thailand, and Aletheia University Taiwan.

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