Globalization and Asia

Project Leader:
Associate Professor
Mitsuhiro TANIMURA
Faculty of Economics

This research project aims at looking into national, regional, and household strategic responses to globalization as well as their consequences in Asia, and, on the basis of respective implications, attempting to devise a set of policy recommendations from diversified unique viewpoints.
In particular, this research team works on such interdisciplinary issues as, [1] social acceptance of (resistance against) neo-liberalism, [2] families, the poor, real estate markets and residential forms, and governance in changing Asian metropolises - including transitional economies -, and [3] fatal risk in relation to health services, and agricultural productivity and efficiency of specialization in light of water resources management in Southeast Asian countries, under market-led globalization. Furthermore, through some intensive workshops with internal/external experts, the project team deepens discussions on the above explorations. Research outcomes will partly be minted and proposed to glocal societies as global public goods.

MARC project
gGlobalization and Asiah

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