Feeding traits, consumption and transactions of goat and poultry raised by small-scale farmers in Terai, Nepal

Project Leader:
Yoshiaki HAYASHI
Experimental Farm of Faculty of Agriculture

Since animal husbandry is an essential industry in Nepal, the livestock sector contributes around 10% of the Nepalese GDP. Livestock farming integrated with crop production is the preference of farmers in the Terai area, Nepal. The amount of meat consumption is increasing recently in the country. Buffalo, goat and poultry are the main animals used as meat resources, because Nepalese do not take beef due to religious principle. The representatives of this research have surveyed the feeding traits, nutritional condition and productivities of buffaloes and cattle in the area since 2003. However, a comprehensive study on feeding status, expenditure and market for the meat of goats and poultry in small-scale farms remains obscure. Hence, the present study is conducted to identify the feeding traits, consumption and transaction of goat and poultry raised by small-scale farmers in Tarai, Nepal.

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