The purpose of the Meijo Asian Research Center (MARC) is to contribute to the understanding of the Asian region and sustainable development in Asia. MARC will use the academic seeds that have been planted in Meijo University in the fields of social science, natural science, engineering, and humanities, and create a network among faculty members and students, and researchers and research centers that have interests in Asia, both inside and outside Japan.

Thus, we will function as a core of intellectual creativity by contributing to Asian sustainable development through academic and educational interactions.

Asia contains two-thirds of the worldfs population. Following rapid economic development, its importance as a global political, economic and environmental actor has increased. Despite and also due to such rapid growth, Asian countries have to deal with numerous problems, such as political instability, the widening of disparities between nations and regions within nations, insufficient social infrastructure and industrial development. There is much work to do to ensure a Pan-Asian model of sustainable development.

Japan is at the center of Asiafs economy, and has economically influenced development elsewhere in the continent. Economic interdependency between Japan and the rest of Asia continues to increase. Japan, as Asiafs first industrialized nation, has a duty to address sustainable development in Japan and the rest of Asia.

Meijo University places an educational and research emphasis on the three key words of gsynthesis,h gqualityh and ginternationalization.h Many Asian foreign students now study at Meijo University.

Meijo University seeks to provide a good quality of education in sustainable development in both Japan and Asia. The Tokai or Chubu region where Meijo University is located, is a center of manufacturing with strong economic links to other Asian nations.

Asian research, focusing on the Asian socio-economic dynamism and with a multi-perspective approach, is emphasized, as each Asian region has its own history, culture and values. As globalization and regionalization increase, there is a need to understand and highlight the diversity of Asia.

Meijo University has established the Meijo Asian Research Center to meet these social needs, as an Asian research base.

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